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christmas miracle


We are currently preparing for our 17th-annual MIRACLE CHRISTmas. Jamie and I started this in memory of my mom who we lost to kidney cancer 16 years ago on October 11.  We just had a group that signed up for an entire family not be able to purchase several of the items and we truly need a MIRACLE now :-)   Party is Sunday, 12/21, so we are at crunch time now!! 

button (25)

We have selected our families for this year and now have the  “WISH LIST ~ NEED LISTS” TAB. If you go to the website t to the MIRACLE CHRISTmas website by clicking here  and look at the tabs you will see all our needs.  We currently need $930 to make this MIRACLE HAPPEN or please feel free to pick up an item from the “wishlist”!!  You can also make a monetary donation via paypal through the website by clicking on the “Make a Donation” tab.  We ask everyone to PLEASE PRAYFULLY CONSIDER THIS  – You can send payment via paypal to or go to the website that is linked to the account ( and click on the “Donate tab”.    What a huge blessing if everyone would donate just $1 to make this MIRACLE HAPPEN!! Don’t discount the smallness of 1 as Jesus performed the miracle with 5 loaves and 2 fish!! Two of the families from this page got helped two years ago and I am sure they will vouch for how wonderful the party is.  Thanks for considering everyone and thanks to our generous donor:)  GOD IS GOOD. . . ALL THE TIME!!!

Here is a video from our 10th annual Miracle CHRISTmas

Here is the poem she left for us when she passed. It was out of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Book.


When I die, give what is left of me to children.
If you need to cry, cry for your brothers walking beside you.
Put your arms around anyone and give them what you need to give to me.
I want to leave you with something, something better than words or sounds.
Look for me in the people I have known and loved.
And if you cannot live without me, then let me live on in your eyes,
Your mind and your acts of kindness.
You can love me most by letting hands touch hands.
Love does not die, people do.
So when all that is left of me is love. . .
Give me away. . .

In honor of my mom, we thought what better way than to “GIVE HER AWAY” than by making her life a legacy and sharing her with so many unfortunate families at the holidays. We have been able to help hundreds of people in the 15 years.

This is called “MIRACLE CHRISTmas” as it is not an ordinary party, as Jesus was not an ordinary gift to us. God exceeded all our expectations with the gift he gave to each of us in Jesus!! No strings attached. Some of these families have never been loved unconditionally. This may be the first time in their lives that they feel God’s love and for some this may be the break they need in their lives. This may be the flickering light at the end of their “dark tunnel”. This is a special party on CHRISTmas Eve for 26 children and one adult and their families including Bibles for each child, reading of Jesus’ Birth, and lighting Jesus’ Birthday Cake as everyone sings HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JESUS!

We pray for the party to go well, for the families to feel the love of Christ, and most importantly for God to be glorified. Thanks in advance for considering helping. It is truly appreciate. May you have a BLESSED AND WONDERFUL CHRISTmas!!

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Two years ago for CHRISTmas Jamie and I got the Canon Rebel Camera and it was AWESOME. With having 7 children and many sporting and family events we wanted a camera that took pictures that we could be proud of and would last a lifetime.  We want memories for our children as they get older.  Two of our children also have Canon cameras and we have been nothing but impressed with the quality of pictures. We also find they are very easy to use. The thing we like the best about our Rebel camera is you can take fast action shot pictures that turn out very high quality. We are nothing but impressed with our camera and right now Best Buy has an AWESOME Deal on the Canon EOS Rebel T5i camera. Check out the details below including the upcoming twitter party!! I highly recommend this camera!


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Have you ever encountered horrible Customer Service by FedEx?!

Have you ever encountered horrible Customer Service with FedEx?

Over the last 6 months I cringe every time I HAVE to use FedEx. First of all, my deliveries NEVER arrive on time and second I have experienced the worst Customer Service EVER. I find this completely unacceptable especially because they are one of the most, if not the most expensive, carrier around. I ordered a package on Thursday to get it to arrive by Saturday the company that I purchased the item from said I had to use FedEx. I cringed, because I was concerned due to all of our problems in the past, but because I Needed the package I paid the extra shipping. Saturday I received a text message saying my address was incorrect and they could not deliver it. Well, you can imagine my surprise because I knew I had entered the correct address. I immediately called FedEx and verified yes, I had entered the correct address, but unfortunately there was nothing they could do because our local FedEx was now closed. Yes, I will admit I was extremely frustrated. I had paid the extra shipping to have it delivered and entered the correct address, but the driver did not take the time to deliver it. Now, this is the third time in 6 months that this has happened. My package will not be delivered until Tuesday now. Why Tuesday and not Monday?! I have no idea and the managers and supervisors at customer service have no answer either. I understand mistakes are made and no business is perfect, because it is run by humans, but that is why customer service is so important to make any business successful. Unfortunately, I have NEVER received good customer service from FedEx and for that reason, I will continue to use UPS, which has been my most dependable carrier and their customer service is A+. They ALWAYS make things right!! Any of you ever experience anything similar with FedEx? How important is customer service to all of you?

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What does CHRISTmas mean to you ~ Debt, Stress, or Jesus?!



I have really felt convicted to post about the topic of CHRISTmas, but in all honesty I was not sure how to approach the subject. I have spent much time in prayer and meditation writing this so I can present this topic in the most loving way.

If you remember, I did a survey about a month ago about CHRISTmas including questions like:

  • How much do you spend on each child?
  • Do your children get the same number of gifts?
  • Are you stressed about money during CHRISTmas?

The thing that struck me the most is 97% of the people that took the survey stated they were very stressed about finances during the CHRISTmas holiday. If we know we are stressed financially, then maybe God is telling us this is NOT what CHRISTmas is about? We also find ourselves so wrapped up in our own families and gift giving that we forget about the less fortunate. CHRISTmas to me is so much more than our own families. It is sharing Jesus with as many people as we can. We have done the Miracle CHRISTmas party for 17 years and have learned so much about ourselves and others. Here are a few of the topics that I feel God keeps placing on my heart to write about.

New items vs. Used items

We have done the MIRACLE CHRISTmas party for 17 years now and we always ask for NEW, unwrapped gifts. We have received some negativity from people about this. Some of the most common complaints have been, “If these families have nothing, they should appreciate anything.” “I will be purchasing my child a new coat for CHRISTmas, so I will donate their old coat”. First, you are right these families will appreciate anything, but why do we think that is okay to give them our leftovers. I understand some people are not in a position to purchase a NEW item and want to help, please know those are not the people I am referring to. I am referring to the people who are not giving sacrificially, but just giving their leftovers. Jesus calls us to give our first fruits to him. Matthew 25:40 says “Whatever you’ve done for the least of my brothers or sisters, you’ve done for me”. Thus meaning when we give to others we are giving to Jesus. Would we take Jesus our leftovers or would we give him the BEST gift we could. I tend to believe we would give him the BEST not our leftovers. These families already get second-hand items on a regular basis, so I want to give them what I think they deserve. I want them to know they matter and are not “leftovers” to me. They too are God’s masterpieces and just going through a rough spot in life. That is why we call our party a MIRACLE CHRISTmas ~ all for the glory of God. Rather than saying, hey, I am purchasing my child a new coat, here is their used coat, this year let’s say “My child can wait another year for a winter coat, let’s go pick up a NEW coat for this child that is in need, not in “want”.’

Adopting Families for CHRISTmas

This is also a HOT topic to many. I have heard many people “adopt” a family at CHRISTmas but never purchase an item off the child’s list. Most of the list I have received from the Salvation Army are pretty modest. Sometimes you will get some request that I wouldn’t even purchase for my own kids and I get that, but if we are truly “adopting” a child and/or family for CHRISTmas why wouldn’t we purchase what they want. Do we purchase our children what they want (obviously within reason). These are kids that attend schools with other children and their “wants” are the same. If our kid asked for a gift we wouldn’t get them something totally different, we would try to get them what they wanted and I think we should for these children too. Again, I understand if it is something unreasonable but most of the requests are within reason. We need to stop and think these are children too and we need to treat them with love and respect.

Our family will not be having CHRISTmas this year

This year I have received over 200+ requests to help families at CHRISTmas time. I have heard many people say we are not going to have CHRISTmas this year. I think that makes me more sad than anything else I have heard. The truth of the matter is ~ Jesus was born to the virgin Mary over 2000 years ago and that is the TRUE meaning of this Holiday. Just because your children may not be receiving gifts, we should still celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior ~ CHRISTmas.  I experienced the disappointment of not being able to provide, what I thought, was the “perfect” CHRISTmas. When my oldest 3 were little, we had a CHRISTmas that they each got one gift and it was from Big Lots. It wasn’t easy and yes, it was sad, but that is the year I realized CHRISTmas is NOT about gifts. It is truly about Jesus and the Love, Peace, and Joy that comes from Him. Do the gifts honestly make us happy or does knowing we have family that loves us matter more? We, the parents, are the ones that have set these standards for our children, for them wanting everything they see on a commercial etc. Everyone gets so upset with the commercialism of CHRISTmas, but we, the consumers, are allowing that. We are putting the emphasis on gift giving and purchasing so many items. So many go into deep debt at CHRISTmas time for that brief moment of joy in our children’s eyes. When in actuality, most of the toys end up at the bottom of the toy box a few days after CHRISTmas. I want my children to find Joy in so much more than “things”. I want our children to find JOY in people and invest in things that matter. For them to find TRUE HAPPINESS that only comes from Christ. I want them to be content with just knowing CHRISTmas Morning is Jesus’ Birthday and that is why we celebrate that day. It is not about Santa Claus, it is not about gifts, but it is about our Savior’s Birth. This year, we will be giving our children 3 gifts, to symbolize the 3 gifts the wise men brought to Jesus.

  • Gold: The gift of gold symbolizes something of great value to them. Something they really want
  • Frankincense: The gift of Frankincense symbolizes something spiritual – A Bible, a cross necklace, anything that will help them in their spiritual walk.
  • Myrrh: The gift of Myrrh symbolizes something for the body – clothing, shoes, a blanket, etc.

Because of this I feel less stressed myself about CHRISTmas. It is simple and a great way to cut down on ALL the commercialism and truly focus on the TRUE Meaning of CHRISTmas.

What Uncle Dennis Taught Us

I can tell you Uncle Dennis (our homeless friend) has had a huge impact on our family. I remember the one day I went looking for him and we had a picnic, he told me he often wonders how God is using him. What his significance is in the world. I told him then and I will say it again, he has given me and my family so much. He has helped us rethink what our lives are all about. Each year at CHRISTmas time I thought I was somewhat relaxed, but was always trying to find the PERFECT gift for the kids and have them all under the tree looking beautifully. BUT what Dennis taught me is that the PERFECT gift is honestly in the time we spend with our families. The love that we share. It has nothing to do with “things” BUT everything to do with loving one another unconditionally. Dennis has taught me more about myself in the short time I have known him than I ever thought possible. I know God is using Dennis in mighty ways. I am so proud to call Dennis my friend and so honored to say I know him. I wish I could share a piece of him with each and every one of you, because I know your life would be a little bit better because of what he can teach you all too. He might not have much to give in “material stuff”, but what he can give as far as wisdom is beyond what I needed and much more valuable than ANY “item” he could have given to us. As Christians, I think it is time to take back the TRUE meaning of CHRISTmas and start a tradition.   A tradition of spending less “money” BUT spending MORE time with our families in things that matter and investing in others. Take your children to feed at a homeless shelter, have them pick up socks, hat, and gloves and hand out. Teach them that CHRISTmas is about sharing the LOVE of Jesus and enjoying the greatest gift we could ever receive – the gift of HIM. This year let’s share him with as many as we can!! Rather than making debt, let’s make memories with others; memories that will last a lifetime!!


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