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My Mess, BUT His Message of Hope – BE INSPIRED!!

My Mess, BUT God’s Message of Hope – Be Inspired!

As most of you know I have been dealing with anxiety. It is gradually getting better, but at one point it was extremely debilitating. During these last six weeks, God has revealed so much to me. Last week I went to a Restoring the Foundation Class. It is where 2 people minister to you to get rid of the sins in our past, family’s past, etc. I have found so much healing in this. During the very first day one of the ministers asked me if there was anything I was ashamed of that I would not share. Well, I immediately thought she meant to them and I said “No, I want to heal so I am willing to share everything with you guys”. She said “No, is there anything that you don’t want to share with others?” and I immediately knew the answer was Yes. You see, for almost 19 years I have had something that I am so ashamed of. Something that even though I have asked for forgiveness from God, I have never let it go. Over the last 6 months to year God has been convicting me that he wants me to share with others ~ to encourage others ~ and for others to know we can have victory over any sin we have committed by His mercy and grace. Most of you know I am transparent. I don’t want to pretend like I am something that I am not and one of the main reasons why I have shared my struggle with anxiety. I have always thought if I can encourage one person, then I did what God wanted me to do.  BUT this was the ONE thing I have hid behind.  The ONE thing I did not want anyone to know. There was shame in it (BUT no more because after my class I NOW HAVE COMPLETE VICTORY BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS).   I am certain many of you will be shocked, but what I know is every Saint has a past and every Sinner has a Future ~ there are NO EXCEPTIONS. We are all human and we have all fallen short. None of us deserve His mercy or grace, but it is given freely to each of us that ask for it. I have asked for it for years, but never fully received it, last week I DID!!  God then began convicting me that I needed to share with others.  Thursday on my way to Proclaim FM they were talking about Michael W. Smith and his drug and alcohol abuse and how his testimony now is so strong.  Another affirmation from God that yes, it was time.  BUT again I tried to reason with God why I wasn’t ready to share it yet.  God clearly told me TODAY was the day so I am being obedient. It is part of my testimony and has shaped me into who I am today. My mess has become God’s message for my life. Thank you Jesus!

April 13, 1996, Jamie and I had an abortion (gasp). It hurts to even type this, but I have hid behind this mask for too long. I could minimize and give every excuse in the book why we chose that, but none of that matters. I have hurt and cried for many years because of this decision. I have felt unworthy and a number of other emotions I never realized I had until going through the RTF (Restoring The Foundation Class). But this is the way Satan uses our sins to make us feel we are unworthy. On April 13, 1997, exactly one year later, we had a miscarriage. What are the chances of that? So again, Satan took that sin and magnified it (as if it could be any worse). A few years later I took an Evangelism Explosion Class and shared my testimony with the Minister about giving my life to Christ at 5, and how I had held on to the guilt of the abortion for many years, but wanted to accept God’s forgiveness and he told me not to share that part (the abortion) while evangelizing to others. So again, reminding me of just How bad Satan wanted me to feel. The shame I felt was unbearable at times, especially when it came time for Sanctity of Life Sunday. Jamie and I always sat in the back and cried our eyes out, feeling horrible. We counseled with our Pastor from McCord Road Christian Church and I was amazed at the unconditional love he showed to us. He prayed many times with us and always encouraged us about God’s mercy and Grace. One of the main reasons why we are such huge advocates of adoption is because these women chose life. You see with an abortion you can hid and not share with others, but with a pregnancy people watch a baby grow in your belly and then know you gave that child up for adoption. Knowing many will form judgement on them. They chose life knowing many would know of their decision of adoption; such an unselfish act.

April 13th was always a very emotional day for us as we both mourned, but then the healing began. On April 13, 2002 my dad gave his life to Christ. Yes, he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. We were so thankful for that wonderful gift. Then April 28th, we went and met with the birth parents of Jadyn to see if they would allow us to adopt her. They agreed and we never asked what her birthday was until the next day. I am certain you can guess her Birthday – April 13!! God is sooooo good. He was showing us over and over that we were forgiven, but we were not receiving it. Two years ago, Jamie and I went to a healing service and both asked for forgiveness to each other as we both were still holding on to resentment. It was very powerful and we both felt a huge weight lifted from us, BUT I still did not receive the forgiveness from God. I still cringed every time I heard someone speak about abortion. I didn’t ever want anyone to know I had one, what would they think of me? Would they judge me? What I learned last week is God is my judge and my jury and He HAS Forgiven me already by dying on the cross for me. He knows my heart. He knows how very sorry I am, he knows the shame I have felt, but he doesn’t want me to live in Shame, rather in Victory. Let the healing begin by his love, grace, and mercy. I also received a vision of Jesus standing by my head during the abortion holding the baby and it was a girl.  God revealed that he wants me to share my mess as this is His message and in that is VICTORY!  Rather than shame, I should feel freedom, wholeness, and forgiveness. Satan is who wants me to live in shame and not heal. I have received God’s forgiveness. I have received his grace and mercy and I am ready to share HIS message now. If one person can be encouraged by what I am sharing. If one life can be changed. If one person chooses life over abortion. If one person gets rid of shame and accepts forgiveness, then I did what God wanted me to do. I know what I did was wrong, but I cannot live in the past, I have to turn the next chapter of the book and that is to show others just how good God is.

I know I may lose followers after this and that is okay. God will take care of me and my family – he is faithful in all things and at all times. I am exhausted from hiding behind the mask of shame, and wanted to be transparent with all of you. I love you all and truly hope this will encourage you to know that God is in the business of Healing, Forgiveness, and Restoration.  If you have something you are not receiving His forgiveness for, meditate on it and pray. Don’t let satan steal what God has planned for your life. Don’t beat yourself up over the sins you have made, rather go to the creator and let him start healing you TODAY!!  Love you all more than you know!!  I am healed by the blood of Jesus :-) 


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Update to my Health & a Huge Thank you to Dr. Kasunic, Denise, and Toledo Clinic Cancer Centers!!

thank you jesus
Update on my Health

As most of you know I have been having some health conditions. What started out as severe anxiety then turned into abnormal blood work and needing an app’t with a hematologist. My faith is very strong, but I will not lie, I was very anxious even though I knew God was in complete control of my life.  When you are told you have abnormal blood work and need to see a hematologist/oncologist and have already lost both parents to cancer, I think it is reasonable to say my anxiety was heightened.  I immediately asked my friend, MaryBeth, from 101.5 The River who she saw for her cancer and she said Dr. Tim Kasunic was the best. She said he will calm you down and you will feel so comfortable with him. I trust MaryBeth so I called and made the app’t with Dr. Kasunic. As most of you know I have worked in the medical field my entire adult life so I have much experience with many offices. What I noticed most about Toledo Clinic Cancer Centers was the professionalism and compassion they had for me. Upon making my app’t,  I explained how anxious I was, what was going on, and they fit me right in the schedule. This was a huge blessing because I knew Dr. Kasunic would be on vacation for two week so if I didn’t get in this week, I would have to wait even longer. They graciously fit me in his schedule.  

I spent a lot of time in prayer today and then went to my Restoring the Foundation Class at Church and they prayed over me. Jamie picked me up and we headed to The Toledo Clinic Cancer Centers/Dr. Kasunic’s office. Upon arrival, I was greeted by the front desk staff (a very young lady) who was so full of life; all smiles and very polite. She took my information and Jamie and I had a seat. By this time my heart was pounding out of my chest (okay maybe an exaggeration LOL). Jamie grabbed my hand and we began to pray, we prayed for God’s peace and a healing of my blood. For complete healing and for it to be nothing that was incurable but more importantly we prayed for God’s will to be done. The nurse came out to get me to take my vitals and Praise God my BP was normal, but yes, my heart was racing. She took me in the room and explained that Dr. Kasunic would be in shortly. She again was very calming and super nice. Dr. Kasunic came in the room with his staff to do the charting and my goodness were they both the kindest, gentlest people ever. His laugh just put a smile on my face:-) He took so much time with me and Jamie and went over my blood work line by line. He examined me and explained everything to our satisfaction and just had a very calming presence about himself. I explained to him that after losing both of my parents to cancer and my dad actually choking on his own blood (after his lung tumor ruptured) that was I was afraid he was going to tell me I had cancer. He explained that he definitely felt it was iron deficiency anemia, but still needed to order blood work just to make sure he was not missing anything and went over the plan. He listened, he let me and Jamie talk, he was engaged with our conversation, and more importantly there was a compassion about him. I explained to him about my anxiety and that I was pretty laid back (I don’t think he bought it LOL). The plan is for me to get blood work tomorrow, in 6 weeks, and then return to see him in three months. I also will be starting a new medication since the ferrous sulfate is making me sick to my stomach. Before he left the room I asked if I could hug him (which I am sure you all know that is just me by now) and of course he allowed me. The service that he provided to me was priceless. He didn’t act above us, talk down to us, but made us feel comfortable and we knew we could ask him anything. What an answer to prayer he was. Upon checkout we went to the desk and met Denise and she as well was amazing. Her kindness and smiling face was huge to me. She gave me my dates, had individual calendars that she circled the dates for me so I didn’t have to walk out with a little card with all the dates written on it.  It is the smallest things that sometimes matter the most :-)  As always your continued prayers are very much appreciated, for healing of whatever abnormalities are going on in my blood, that I would be healed completely by the stripes of Jesus :-)  

So many of us tell only about our bad experiences, but I wanted to share how great this office is. If you are in need of a hematologist/oncologist, I can recommend Dr. Kasunic to all of you without hesitation as well as his office. I can guarantee that you will feel 100% confident with him, his staff, and you will receive such a warmth. It takes someone special to work in this field and I would ask all of you to pray for blessings for Dr. Kasunic and his staff. They are impacting lives and I feel so blessed by him and his practice.  

On a side note, before they called me into the office an older lady came out with her daughter who you could tell was undergoing chemotherapy. She seemed very down about her news and I would just ask you call to add her to your prayer list. I don’t know her name, but I know she is in need of prayers. Maybe we can all join together and ask God for a healing over her body.

Thank you all for the prayers and love you have shown to me and our family over these last few months. I feel so blessed by each and everyone of you and thank you all for your support to our blog. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Love you guys.


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If you are need of clean laundry, let us do it for you for FREE!!!  From 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (last wash will start at noon) join us at Super Suds Laundromat, 3509 W. Alexis Road, Toledo, OH .  We will be providing 2 loads of laundry per family (while supplies last) and light refreshments.  We provide all the laundry supplies, all you have to do is bring your dirty clothes!!  Hope to see many of you out there today!!

If you have been following the blog long, you will remember we did 4 in 2014 with over 800 loads done to date. It is heartwarming!

We know that we cannot do this, but we know it is possible through Christ.  We are asking everyone to please prayfully consider getting involved. . all the glory to God:) Thanks for considering and we are excited to see this happen:) GOD IS GOOD. . . ALL THE TIME!!

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Update on my Health!!



I am getting so many emails daily asking how I am doing that I am not able to answer all of them, but please know I have read them all and how much they mean to me.  For this reason, I wanted to update everyone on my health.  Last Monday I finally started taking the meds my physician suggested two weeks previously.  It takes about 2 weeks to start working and about 4-8 weeks before you receive full effects and to date, I am doing much better other than a few minor side effects.  I still have anxious moments, but not debilitating like they were the first two weeks.  God has shown me so much in these last 3-4 weeks that I am just completely humbled.  First, he has shown me that it is okay to say “no”.  That if I say “yes” to everything then I am really not glorifying God because I am so overcommitted that I am not truly present at events and other things that matter are lacking.  It has been hard for me to say “no” as one of my favorite things is teaching couponing classes, but God has very loudly spoken that that season is over.  I have the blog that teaches everyone how to save and in addition, I am the author of  “Extreme Couponing” a book that teaches the same things that was taught at my classes.  God is also showing me that relaxing is a good thing, LOL :-)  I have always (since I can remember) been go, go, go, but it is time to add some down time in there too and that is okay!!  I have also found a new love for Jamie (my husband) who I already thought I couldn’t love anymore, because I was already head over heels in love with him.  I have seen a side of him that I never seen before.  He has been gentle, tender, and when I was at my worst, he held me and let me cry and prayed  fervent prayers over me.  He has been a true rock for me.  He is a wonderful dad, a wonderful husband, and one of the most compassionate people that I know.  Each day he encourages me and reminds me how far I have come.  I am so blessed by him, my family, my friends, and all of YOU!!! I have found a new love for FORGIVENESS and just how critical it is in our lives. It is easy to say “But you don’t know what they did to me”, but we have to remember what we have done to Jesus!! What if he had conditions on what ones of our sins were forgiven. I am not saying forgiveness is easy, but I am saying as a Christian it is a MUST!!! Our Pastor preached on it Sunday and said if you have unforgiveness in your heart, don’t bother coming up and taking communion, because that is a prerequisite of being a Christian – FORGIVENESS!! I know that is hard to swallow, but it is TRUTH!!

Many of you have messaged me that you too struggle with anxiety.  I was not sure how to explain what was going on in my original post, but God told me to be transparent.  To continue to be me and if anyone was offended or chose to unfollow my page because of that, that  was okay.  If my story can help one person to seek help or know they are not alone and it is okay to take medicine, then it is all worth it.  God uses our trials, pain, and struggles so we can help others that are hurting and I sure hope I have encouraged some of you.  

I have been humbled by the LOVE of so many of you, my church family, our pastor, Pastor B from St. Lucas Church and the list goes on and on.  I have spent a few nights at my friend’s house in her basement, calling her in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep and she accepts me with open arms.  It is amazing to watch how God already knows what we need. I know I have 1000s of people praying for me and trust me, I feel them!!  I know this season I am in will bring Glory to God!  He has shown himself over and over again to me.  

I can also tell you that the essential oils have been a huge lifesaver for me too.  They have changed our lives.  We now have diffusers in each of our kids’ rooms that we use for 1 hour every night and they are all sleeping so much better.  They wake up in a much better mood and more rested.  If you want more information on the oils we are using, CLICK HERE to follow my Essential Oil Journey!!  As a matter of fact, one of my dear friends dropped some additional ones off to me last night to help me sleep :-)

Thanks again for letting me share my life with all of you :-) I Love you guys!!


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Do you need an electrician In the Toledo and surrounding Area?!


Many of you will remember we recently had an electrical problem in our son’s bedroom upstairs. My uncle is an electrician but was in Florida so Jamie was trying to troubleshoot with him what the problem could possibly be. Originally, we had thought a circuit had tripped, but realized that was not at all what had happened and we had no power in that bedroom. We got to a point that we really did not know what to do until my Uncle Returned. I posted on FB all the stuff going on and Kim immediately messaged me that her husband owned a company and she was confident that he would be able to help us out. Jamie called them and they came out very quickly. The gentleman that came out was very professional and within 30 minutes had the problem fixed. One of our outlets had to much “slack” on the wiring and he shortened it and BAM – we had power again. Whenever we receive Great Customer Service I love to share with all of you. Word of mouth is the biggest way to spread the great word of businesses or the not so great services of a business. Jamie and I highly recommend this company and are positive you will be just as blessed by them as we were. The name of the company is Bayview Electric and Bayview General Contractors, meaning they do both residential and business electrical work. The phone number is 419-290-2772 and be sure to tell them what a great company they are. If you don’t need electrical work, but know someone that does, please be sure to spread they word. It is a Christian Company, so one all of us believers should be supporting! I know you will be just as pleased as our family was!!

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