GIANT EAGLE FREE/CHEAP this week – 2/14 – 2/20!!

Things to remember about Giant Eagle:
* Giant Eagle in Toledo Area doubles up to $0.99 everyday ($1.98)
* They accept up to 12 “LIKE” coupons during this time
* You can only use 2 “LIKE” internet printable coupons (IP) at one time
* You can NOT stack a manufacturer coupon with E-offer. Click here to find current E-offers available!!
* They accept competitor’s coupons, but do NOT double them!



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    • says

      I haven’t seen any $0.55/2 but if it encompasses Tuna Helper, the right product, then yes, and it will make each box $0.45!

  1. leann says

    Anyone know what Post cereals are included? I dont want to make the trip if shredded wheat and raisin bran or great grains are not included. A while back I found a tear pad at Krogers for $1 off fresh fruit on Great Grains and Raisin Bran. Hope those are included.
    Good question Emily as I was thinking that GE included coupons on free items too but not real familiar with their policy.
    I enjoy your site Joni. I appreciate all of your hard work and effort!!

    • says

      This is what is included: Raisin Bran 25oz, 20oz
      Cocoa Pebbles 11oz
      Fruity Pebbles 13oz
      Golden Crisp Cereal 14.75oz
      Waffle Crisp 11.5oz

      Also, for FREE items that will actually ring up as FREE they usually do not accept coupons on those, but it can never hurt to ask:) B1G1 FREE items ring up at 1/2 off:)