Coupon Seminar Information for Newbies


**For all of you that attended my coupon class today, here is all the information in one spot! Hope you find this helpful.**

Here are a few of the things we highlighted during the coupon class.  These are all ways to truly maximize your savings and earn some extra cash.  I use all of these and accumulate a few thousand dollars over the year.  This is how we pay for Back to School and CHRISTmas and it also allows us to be able to help many in our community.  

First, I talked about Ebates and how it works. This is my favorite site to use for online purchases since you earn cash back. It is FREE to use, but for anyone that hops online, you will want to sign up. You can click on banner above to signup or if you still want more information of how it works you can CLICK HERE to read more about it and also to sign up!!

NEXT I talked about three NEW coupon apps for your smartphone or computer that I highly recommend.


 I keep this money in their accounts until Back to School and CHRISTmas shopping time and then cash them in.   :-) 

Here is another way that I earn extra money for Back to School and CHRISTmas :-) 


We talked about Swagbucks and how you can earn extra cash just by searching the internet,things you already do. It is very easy and the average person will receive a $5 gift card every two weeks (450 points). Again, I accumulate these over the year and keep for CHRISTmas. With all these tips, you should have a pretty good CHRISTmas fund for this year and even more so for next year. Sign up HERE for swagbucks and start earning some FREE money!!

Here are a few helpful lists when you start your couponing experience and how to save the most - 



Also, please join in with our 365 Days of Kindness.  You can go HERE to get all the information!  We have a list of 365 different ideas for you all :-) 

I hope you found the class helpful today and I pray that you will all PASS THE BLESSING ON to others in need!!  None of us can help everyone, but all of us can help someone, and when we do we serve Jesus!!

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  1. Ena says

    Was 4-4- 2017 your only class for coupon in this month or are the other classes coming this month and when is your next class on couponing? Can you please let me know I would like to attend or is it any contact information for me to have thank you please.