Coupons and barcodes!!

Hey everyone, wanted to give you a heads up . . the Kraft coupons are printing w/the same GS1 barcode # which is correct (that is the product code) but the stores are refusing them (per 2 readers) stating they are copied. Many of the cashiers are not trained on the new coupons nor are the stores and this is unfortunate. I am attaching a picture of two coupons so you can see what # changes on the coupon to signify it is NOT a copied coupon – it is the # under the QR reader . I hope this helps alleviate any confusion.

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  1. Jamie says

    Thank you so much! My SIL just sent me a link to this article. I had the EXACT problem on Monday at my local Walmart. The cashier thankfully still pushed them through, but I was soooo mad! I am going to print this out and keep it in my binder for the next time (hopefully never!!) have this problem.