Day 20 of 365 Days of Kindness – PASS THE BLESSING ON:)

Random Acts of Kindness

365 Days of Kindness – Day 20

So many AMAZING Random Acts of Kindness Stories from the 365 Days of Kindness from last year and so far this year! If you would like to share your story, GO HERE!! It is so encouraging and exciting to watch God at work. THANK YOU JESUS!! I will start posting the night before so everyone can like and share with their friends and family. Let’s get everyone we know involved in this movement of the 365 Days of Kindness:)



Many of you have probably seen this on FB recently, but I thought it would be a cool way to add to our 365 Days of Kindness.  I’ve talked with Jeff and Janey and we want to do something fun for Dane for Valentine’s Day to help him remember how much we all love him❤ Dane has cancer (Osteosarcoma) and we are going to do a card drive for him. Today is 1-14-16 so we all have exactly one month to buy a card, to make a card, to help collect cards to give to Dane. Please share this and spread the word let’s fill the Liberty Center post office with cards for Dane, and let’s make cards in our home and in our churches, in our classrooms at school and make this really fun!

Dane Dunford
2250 County Road A
Liberty Center, Ohio 43532-9605

You can also attach the FREE Act of Kindness Cards that (YOU CAN PRINT BY CLICKING HERE). The purpose of printing the cards is that the recipient can then recycle it and pass the card on by doing another random act of kindness. My vision is that this will continue and continue until EVERYONE is involved in some capacity. Who’s in? I am praying that everyone gets involved in this. None of us can help everyone, but all of us can help someone, and when we do we serve Jesus. We can make an impact in our communities, one life at a time!!

If you want to share you random acts of Kindness stories or see the random act of Kindness list that we have completed, CLICK HERE!


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