365 Days of Kindness ~ PASS THE BLESSING ON:)

365 Days of Kindness365 Days of Kindness ~ 

This is our fourth year doing the 365 Days of Kindness and there are so many AMAZING stories. If you would like to share your story, GO HERE!! It is so encouraging and exciting to watch God at work. THANK YOU JESUS!!

We have so many different ideas, but are always looking for more, so please feel free to comment and give us some ideas.  If you want to see what Random Acts of Kindness we have done, click HERE for a complete list.  Let’s get everyone we know involved in this movement of 365 Days of Kindness:)

**365 Days of Kindness Challenge **

365 Days of Kindness
Today, I challenge everyone to go into a public restroom and place a packet of baby wipes on the baby changer. This is such an easy task to do and could be a huge blessing to a parent. I remember so many times when I had small children forgetting my baby wipes.  It may seem like a small act, but could impact someone’s life tremendously.  

In the last month or so we have had many opportunities to pick up FREE/CHEAP baby wipes.  

I also attached a 365 Days of Kindness card. (YOU CAN PRINT THE CARDS BY CLICKING HERE).  The object of this is that they will receive it and use the card to do another act of kindness.  

None of us can help everyone, but all of us can help someone, and when we do we serve Jesus and lives can be changed by small acts of kindness!!  It is such a cool way to show the love of Jesus.


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