I am sooooo very excited to announce that I have the Stock-up Price List spreadsheet completed and in pdf form:) Please note that the majority of items are covered, but it may not cover everything. I tried to go through all my cupboards, pantry, etc to make it is as well-diversed as possible.

**Here is a breakdown of how to use it**

First, it is broken down by category.

Then beside each of those headings is three subcategories: Product, Highest Price, and Stock-up price
* The product is just that, the product name

* The Highest Price column is what I consider to be the highest price that I would pay for that particular item

* The Stock-up price column is the price that I would consider to be a stock-up price (notice that price may be higher than normal, but that is what I consider to be the start of a stock-up price)

I hope you find this helpful in your couponing/shopping experience!! If you wish to print off a copy of this, please email me at crothers8@aol.com as all information is copyrighted!! Thanks:)


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  1. Donna says

    Thank you so much for all of the insight that this site brings daily. This is amazing that you put this list together for all of us. I’m happy to report that I have done well for many years before finding your blog but you are teaching me loads that I didn’t know.

    You seem to be such an amazing woman I’m hoping that someday I will meet you. Until then, I will be a loyal follower.
    Thanks Joni.

    Wanna go to Vegas? I think you should be the swag mom!!

      • Vicky says

        Joni, Thanks for all the work you do. This list and the other one is Great!!!!

        (swag mom is a contest swagbucks is having for Mother’s day)

  2. Jody says

    Joni, Thank you so much! All the hard work you do for us is amazing. I hope someday to attend one of your classes with my daughter. No doubt in my mind we will learn a lot and have fun. God Bless and have a great weekend.

  3. Ruth chu says

    wow i thought i did good i have had stock up prices or better with some but not as much as you. How do u get detergent and diapers so cheap? thanks for the list its awesome