Purchase my book for $13 + shipping + for the next 100 books sold, you will receive a $5 Klip2Save eGift Certificate!!


I am beyond excited to share this information with you all. My book is now available for presale. Release date is March 5, 2013.  I cannot thank all of you that have believed in me enough! This is such an exciting time in my life. If anyone would have told me 20 years ago when I listened to my kids say every night “Mommy, we’re hungry”, I would have never believed it. What a mighty God we serve. Thank you Jesus!!

I have a special promotion going on my blog. . for the next 100 people who order the book from the link below via paypal, you will receive the book and a $5 Klip2Save eGift Certificate for only $13 + shipping!!  Please NOTE release date is March 5th so books cannot be sent out prior to that date.


1)  Your $5 Klip2Save eGift Certificate will be sent to the email address you pay with via paypal (IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE SURE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IS CORRECT – BE CAREFUL, UNFORTUNATELY WE CANNOT ISSUE NEW EGIFT CERTIFICATES IF YOUR INFORMATION IS INCORRECT SO PLEASE BE EXTRA CAREFUL) If you want it sent to a different address than your paypal address, please leave a message when ordering book to send to different email address.  This will be sent via email within 7 days (usually within 24 hours)

2)  If you want the book signed, please state who you would like it made out to i.e. your name, friend’s name, etc.

3)  PLUS $1 of each book sold will be donated to Seagate Food Bank of Northwest Ohio for their PJ Project!

So now since you have all that information, click on the “Buy Now” tab below!

Thank you again everyone for your support. Please continue to pray for the book, for me, for my ghost writer, Beth, and for every person that purchases this book. I have said if one life is changed because of this book, then I did what I was supposed to do. . all for the Glory of God!!


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  1. Cindy Koll-Martinez says

    Hi Joni,

    I’m so exciting for the making of your book, for I know it will bless many. We met at Hope Center Tabernacle in Jersey City, NJ and your teaching on savings was phenomenal. May you continue to strive and live according to the will of Jesus. God bless you my friend.


    PS can you please sign my book to Cindy & Nando thx a bunch (hugs)

  2. Amanda Harrison says

    I’m hoping this doesn’t post a million times because it doesn’t seem to want to go through. Would you sign the book I ordered? I forgot to put that on my order. It’s under Amanda Harrison.
    Thanks so much. I can’t wait to get it.

  3. says

    Hi Joni!
    I just purchased your book! I am new to the whole extreme couponing way of life and I am so excited to read your book! How fun! Could you please sign my book too?!!!-how do you know from the comments? Just wondering :) We move around a lot for my husband’s job and each year I have to find a new way that works. I’m excited to go extreme and save some $$ and have that extra to donate, espcecially b/c when it comes time to move, I’m not packing what I don’t need! What great ideas! It said only 4 were left before sold out – so I guess now only 3! Yay!
    -Katie Bangert