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WTOL Your Day

Here are all the things we talked about on WTOL Your Day Today, 5/5.   To get information about any of the offers, just click on the link in pink and it will take you directly to the offer!! Hope this helps everyone be able to save and share.

**Here are all the grocery deals we talked about**



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  1. kim poore says

    I seen you on wtol yesterday April the 7th. I was glad cuz I’ve been wanting to try couponing. I work at Walmart n I will talk to ladies who I see with a coupon binder. The last one told me of your website n fb page. I got the name wrong, I type food tastes good. So no local lady w the coupons on that page. When I seen u today on today, I was able to pause the tv to get all the details!!! I’m glad I seen you today because I would like to get the lil stuff I use free or just way cheaper. I’m a family of five n laundry is something else!!! So I’m going to try the the candy coupons that u talk about on tv today(yesterday). While the kids are at school its movie time w my bf!!